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Thread: 2003 Freelander Coil Pack Issues

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    2003 Freelander Coil Pack Issues

    First off the reason for the being "pressed for time" is because I am active duty military... Trying to report to my new duty station ON TIME.

    I was having rough idling issues while driving from Houston to Norfolk. It started in Louisiana just outside of Mississippi, so I stopped at an Auto Zone around Vicksburg, MS to get the OBD II codes read. I have misfire in cylinder 2. We are pressed for time as we are trying to get to Birmingham, AL by nightfall (to stay at my in-laws), and the guy suggests just "limping" it in and getting it checked in the morning. We do just that. I bring it to a local shop and they tell me it is a bad coil pack and the part wont be in for 3 days. I call the Land Rover parts department and they say the same thing. So I once again decide to "limp" it to Norfolk... aside from wasting gas, no issues. So I go to the dealership here to pick up the part (this is about 10 minutes before closing time) and I ask for a replacement coil pack, the gentleman behind the counter asks me if it is the short or long one. I have no idea. I do research and find out I need the long one. Today I return and low and behold, they have one left. JACKPOT. Now the fun part...

    I get home and pull the old coil out... and compare it to the new one. This is what I see NEW vs OLD So maybe they will fit in and I only need a different set of bolts?... Well... this is the connection of the old one and the connection of the new one

    has anyone else run into this issue?
    do i need to replace all of the coil packs and get new wires?
    should i just order an older style coil pack (as below)

    Product info:
    New Coil Pack: Coil - Ignition - Individual - Long Right Hand Bank - Rear (Part # NEC101010L) - Land Rover ignition from Atlantic British
    Old Coil Pack: Coil - Ignition - Individual (Part # NEC000110L) - Land Rover ignition from Atlantic British

    and yes, the links in the main text are pictures...

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    The difference is because of a VIN split, where they make running changes to the line and note it with the vin. You need the newer style round plug coils for your freelander. The wires are going to be part of the engine loom and likely wont be able to be changed.

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