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Thread: Rover V8 Cylinder sleeves

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    Rover V8 Cylinder sleeves

    So I am looking to get a block sleeved and the machine shop offered 2 options. t-top sleeves or larger OD sleeves that would be held in place but a lip created by the larger bore at the bottom of the cylinder bore in the aluminum. the bore end nearest the crank.

    Is the second option possible on rover blocks is there enough metal to do this?
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    go T tops Never heard of anyone not loving them. And tell me what that runs off line, so I know for future..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ciwhamc View Post

    Is the second option possible on rover blocks is there enough metal to do this?

    Mike.... Super crazy expensive. D&D does it, you can just call them and ask for a quote. You would be able to buy a replacement block for the same price. If you're building a TVR 5.0, yeah, I could see the need.

    The biggest helper I think in aluminum blocks, is using ARP studs for the heads instead of bolts. As long as you don't overheat the royal crap out of the engine.... ie.... wife driving home from work 30 miles while bellowing white smoke the whole way, you shouldn't have an issue with sleeves.
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