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Thread: Upgraded Meyle HD D2 Sway Bar Links

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    Upgraded Meyle HD D2 Sway Bar Links

    If you like I can sell them for $130 shipped on lrrf Click image for larger version. 

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    My listing on ebay

    I have been selling and installing Meyle HD parts for BMW's for over 10 years with great success and respect for the product. Recently Meyle has upgraded to HD the entire sway-bar catalog.

    I have 2 sets for sale at this time.

    D2 w/out ACE
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    what is the benifit of these and will you notice it with the suspension? I have the 2in OME lift with the bushings wearing out.

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    They have a bigger ball-joint diameter on the butt end. Also the the ball joint is seated in metal not plastic like most OE ball-joints. They should last longer but with a 2" lift I really can't comment on that. These are to be used in an OE application. Lifted suspensions are not OE and thus OE replacement parts are always compromised for longevity and undue stress not associated with OE applications.
    I am not an expert on lifted Rovers the D2 I drive is stock height with the added "woo hoo" of ace and bags so at this time I can't even use these links. I would think a lifted D2 would use custom longer links or at least adjustable links.

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