Hi All, I have a couple questions:
1) What size is the mid-woofer speaker in the front door of an 06 LR3 with the Harmon Kardon? 5-1/4 or 6 1/2? I'm finding conflicting info and need to replace a blown set. The simple solution is to pull the panel and measure it, but I'm lazy and someone else probably already knows.
2) I've heard of heated seats being factory installed in "non-optioned" vehicles but the buttons were NOT installed, silly. So, to add heated seats, one would simply have to purchase the control module and connect to the existing wiring-BINGO, heated seats. I'm wondering if the same may be true of the optional power functions of a seat. My set up in my 06 SE is an 8 way adjustable on the driver side and a 4 way on the pass side. What I want to do is make the pass side an 8 way. The question then is: Are the electrics and motors already there so that I could just replace the 4 way control with an 8 way control? That would be sweet!