As we are sure many of you have heard there is a new event coming to the East Coast this fall. Well, we are ready to put aside all speculations and bury the rumors with nothing but the cold hard truth. Everything you’ve heard is true.
Getting nothing but rave reviews, The Cove offers a wide variety of amenities that we found would be fitting for our first annual event. With plenty of room for camping, the Cove also has on-site Bathhouses with hot showers. They also offer electric sites for those who tow their own campsite behind them. If trailers or tents aren’t your style, then one of their cabins sounds like it would be a good fit you, but call well in advance as they are limited.

With miles of charted trails, the Cove offers a variety of options ranging from greenlaning your stock truck to the most difficult of terrain meant for the experienced driver with an equally capable truck.


980 Cove Rd
Gore, VA 22637

From Washington DC: 1hr 20min
From NYC: 5hr 14min
From Boston: 9hr 14min
From Chicago: 10hr 37min
From Los Angeles: 39hr 11min
From Fairbanks, Alaska: 72hr 1min
From Solihull, West Midlands, UK: 88hr 29min

September 20 – 23 2012

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