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Thread: MSNBC write-up on the Evoque.

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    MSNBC write-up on the Evoque.

    Disco I SD '99 Stock 144k mi. New stock suspension, new steering box, new rear shaft joints, Cooper Discovery ATR's and announcing a totally redone set of heads. May 2013: Brakes converted to Defender style: Calipers, stainless flex lines, drilled, slotted and vented rotors. Stops like it hit a wall when you stand on them now!
    12-2016 update: Coopers are done. Michelin Defender LTXs on the way!

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    Wow, only $58,370 and comes with "20-inch sparkle finish wheels"! I can hardly contain my joy! As an added incentive, the 850-watt sound system should be sufficient to be heard on the more distant planets of our solar system. I'd better run right down and place my order...

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    One could have a heck of a nice restored Defender 110 for $58,370, and you wouldn't have to be embarrassed to be seen in it, either.


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    The English are one of the best @ designing a car but because of all of the financial constraints other manufacturers are quick to steel the concept! Ford beat them to the punch stealing the idea for the new Explorer! the CRV did that with the Freelander.
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