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Thread: Old pic just found.

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    Old pic just found.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ran into this from our tour of the country in 2001-2. Death Valley. I took the Rover on a fairly fast run from the main campground there to this spot. Loosened an Exhaust>Cat bolt doing the run. LR Las Vegas tried to sell me a complete new manifold. I had to tell him to just tighten the bolt. Ten years later, the bolt is still holding. Go figure.

    It was a great couple of hours doing this Just me, my Rover, and the dirt road.
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    Looks like some of the things we stumble past every year while doing the GBES Navigational Rally (in Northern Nevada). I love the adventure as you never know what you'll find - like here at Crankshaft Crossing!

    By the way, my D1 was loose when I got it and not long after I tightened all the bolts so I replaced all the studs/nuts and haven't had a problem since.

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