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Thread: 110 CSW rear half shafts

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    110 CSW rear half shafts

    I have been told by my mechanic that my rear drive flanges are worn. Can they be replaced easily, when I do replace them how easy is it to replace the half shafts.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    both can be easily replaced. Depending on the wheels you have on there, you could do it without even jacking up the vehicle. Steel wheels make it easy. With alloy wheels you may have to remove the wheel first. If it's the stock early 110 setup, just remove the hub cover remove the circlip of the end of the axle, then unbolt the drive flange and pull it off. Once that's off the axle shaft should also slide right out. You will need to replace a gasket that is under the drive flange when you pull it off.

    As for when you replace them: Typically you would want to do that if the splines are worn and there is significant back lash between the axle shaft and the flange.

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