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Thread: Mickey Thompson Baja STZ Tire Review

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    Mickey Thompson Baja STZ Tire Review

    Please understand that I am only reviewing the Baja STZ in the 265/60R18 size on a 2003 Discovery, while the other sizes of the STZ are nearly identical they are all different. Results will vary between tire sizes, vehicles, road conditions, and drivers. The prices and websites are accurate as of 12/08/11.

    The time had come for me to get some new tires for my 2003 Land Rover Discovery. It has 151,700 miles, stock suspension, I installed a center differential lock, home made sliders and a Greg Davis rear bumper.

    While researching tires I came across the Mickey Thompson Baja STZ, they caught my eye so I began researching them. I had a hard time finding any information on these tires. All I found was the Mickey Thompson press release and a few reviews on and but they werenít really detailed or informative. I decided to take the gamble and buy the tires to see if they were any good.

    I bought five tires in the 265/60R18 size. The lowest price I found was from for $169.03 each, the total was $919.10 after tax. I picked the tires up from their warehouse because it was cheaper and faster than paying $98.67 to have them shipped to me. Pep Boys and sell them but couldnít match the price.

    When I picked up the tires I got a coupon for American Tire Depot to install four tires for $50. I called and they said they would do the fifth tire for $10 so $60 total. I then called Firestone to cancel my appointment, I mentioned the coupon and they said they would match the price. Firestone mounted and balanced all five tires for $61.41; originally I was quoted at $125 to mount all five.

    The tires have a unique tread pattern, which was one of the things that attracted me to them. The lugs are well spaced and the tread to void ratio looks decent. The gaps vary in size from about a quarter to a half an inch. Tread depth is 12.5/32nds or 10mm as specified. Each tire weighed 44lbs, and they balanced easily with minimal weight.

    The stock tire size for the Discovery II is 255/55R18; this is a 29Ē tall tire. I purchased the STZís in the 265/60R18 size which is 30.56Ē tall according to Mickey Thompson Tires. This is accurate as far as I can tell; using my Stanley tape measure they come out to 30.5Ē. Installed on the vehicle the tires stand about 30Ē tall. These tires fit really well on my vehicle. They raised the vehicle by about 1Ē. With the previous tires (255/55R18 Nitto Terra Grapplers) the top of the front and rear wheel arch was 32.5Ē with the new tires it sits at 33.5Ē. I drove it through a little ditch near my house to see if they rubbed and how they would fit in the wheel well. These look like the size that should have come stock. They donít rub anywhere; they stuff in the wheel well nicely and still have an inch or so of clearance. Under full articulation it looks like there will be just enough clearance to run chains. If the plastic fender arches were removed there would be more clearance.

    On the road these tires are pretty quiet; I havenít noticed an increase in noise over the old tires. I took them up to 85mph on the freeway; there was no vibration or increase in noise. The sidewall is taller than the previous tires but handling hasnít been affected. I ran the Terra Grapplers at 45psi. I have the STZís inflated to 40psi. They feel stable, and they track straight on the highway. I havenít noticed the sidewalls or tread flexing during cornering. If they were at 25-35psi range I imagine there would be significantly more sidewall flex. Overall in the first sixty or so miles that I have put on them they seem to be good tires.

    I donít know how they will do off road yet. This weekend Iíll take them out on the trail and report back with my findings. Over Christmas we will be driving to Washington State to visit family. I will update with how they do on a long trip, and how they perform in various conditions.

    Link to Baja STZ on

    Link to the Photo Album

    Enjoy the pictures and please let me know if you have any questions about the tires.

    - Keanan

    Old Terra Grapplers

    Front Tire

    Rear Tire

    New Tires

    New Front Tire

    New Rear Tire

    Tread Pattern

    Shoulder Lug Detail

    Tread Detail

    New Spare barely touches the bumper. It would probably really rub on a stock bumper.

    Inside of Tire

    The Washed Out White Dot is a Quarter

    Tread Depth

    Crossing a ditch diagonally, Weight of vehicle is supported by Left Front and Right Rear tires. Rear is an inch from hitting bump stop, tire is at 40psi.

    Still an inch or so of clearance between the tire and the fender trim. There is even more clearance up in the wheel well. Sidewall is compressing slightly due to additional weight.

    Side View,

    Front Left Tire

    No I did not dump my old tires out here in the ditch


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    A well written, impartial review. They look like a decent tire. Check back in at 12k and 20k for a more thorough review. Great pictures! Thanks for taking the time for the post
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    Thank you for posting this review. Well, I am planning to buy a Mickey thompson tire from offroad tires direct but still undecided , still searching for some customers review. Maybe i need to read more reviews to convince my wife
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    So.....a few years later how do you feel about them now?

    Thinking of putting them on my LR3
    08 LR3 4.4 V8

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