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Thread: Land Rover Defender 90 (best way to obtain one)

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    Welcome Chopayne,

    You can find compatible Land Rover parts for NAS Defender 90 from var sources e.g. pick & pull, sellers in the forum e.g. Roverdude or retailers like e.g. British Pacific, Rovers North, AB and save money (vs Dealership pricing).

    For example, if you break one of the 24 spline rear axle shaft on a NAS Defender 90, don't go to the dealer unless you are willing to pay the stealership price, you can pull it from a Discovery 1, or Range Rover Classic (w/24 spline axles) and save on cost. Is this what you are asking?

    Learn to do DIY, Up your knowledge on repairs/maintenance from members on this site, and be resourceful on finding compatible parts both for maint and mods, you should be good to go. Just off the bat, you will pay a higher price for a Defender 90 (not a lot of them in the USA) versus for example a Discovery 1. Here's one a hair under $20K: and on the flip side, same year D90 w/18k miles garage queen selling for over $40k. Me - I'd take the $20k one, and modify to be a trail king; not frankenstein it though to look like a buggy.

    Drive one first before pulling the trigger; also check out your local Land Rover Club in San Diego; ask if you can join one of their runs, and talk to other owners. Might also want to check out a Range Rover Classic if you are on a tight budget. Prior to owning Land Rovers, I've had XJs, MJs, YJs.... I've had a 98 Discovery I, and now own 2004 Discovery II, 1990 Land Rover Classic (RRC), and Defender 110. I like all of them. Next to the Defender 110, I like my RRC 2nd best for trail use!

    Good Luck with the Search! Let us know if you have other questions.

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    Ron, that answered alot of my questions. I think I will end up going with the Jeep in the near future and maybe a Land Rover Defender later on in life when I stop moving and can have 3-4 cars. I originally sold my Jeep when Chrysler refused to honor their transmission warranty after 3 years due to my lift kit which "voided" their warranty. That with some of those other problems that came up in my brand new jeep. It seems like the Land rover will have the same issues, but with less people to turn to for help. Thanks again everyone.

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