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Thread: 1985 Defender 110 rear folding seat question

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    1985 Defender 110 rear folding seat question

    First post to the forum. I am in the process of purchasing a 1985 Defender 110 and I noticed the rear seat folds forward but had no real locking mechanism on it. In other words, I can grab the rear of the seat and pull if forward which is a bit handy if I want to access something behind the seat but not very safe for folks sitting in the seat.

    Question: Is this normal or is there a missing latch or locking mechanism for the rear bench. I don't have the 60/40 split but just the bench that goes all the way across.

    As a bit of background I am a US ExPat living in Egypt and Defenders 110's probably shipped in 1985 with no seat belts as they weren't required back then. :-)

    Thanks and I am really excited to be part of the forum.


    **** UPDATE ****

    I finally found another 110 locally that I was able to check out. There are 2 latches on either side of the rear chair that hook to an area right behind the seat. Very simple design but it works. So disregard this question!
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