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Thread: LR4 Hitch for my bike rack

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    LR4 Hitch for my bike rack

    I'm picking up an LR4 this week and see your required to purchase the hitch. I'm used to my Disco I where it's a part of the vehicle. I want my rack on the LR4 so any suggestions where to purchase it rather than full retail from the dealer?

    PS: Love to see the Bike Forum. Avid Mtb'r in S. NV....

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    I have 2 of them..300 shipped to you..

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    I've used this Thule bike rack for years (mine is a three bike carrier). It attaches into the trailer hitch receiver and I've used it on my D1 without having to remove the spare tire. It's a sold rack that I used to carry three custom road racers with (I trust it that much!). Just don't get lazy and not add the belay ropes as they greatly increase the stability. I see it cost between $135 and $200 so it's not going to break the bank.

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    I have a reciever hitch for sale $300 that slips into the underside of the frame, let me know.

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