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Thread: Tire Choices for the LR4

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    sorry about the 20" comment but it is really crazy you have to do that now on a land rover!
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    Compomotives is the company that sells am 18 inch wheel. They are a company over seas, but ship to the USA. Good looking wheel, but pricey from whatbive been reading and reviewing from their website. I couldn't afford them.

    There are a lot of pro's to the LR4. I really enjoy driving mine whether it is off-road or to work.
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    Nice to see the thread is still alive. The current plans are to buy an LR4 the later part of next year upon returning from Afghanistan. I've debated long and hard about just keeping my LR3 or upgrading and have decided to trade up for several reasons. I tow a 21ft camper trailer with the LR3. It is a light trailer at 3500 lbs but even then, the old girl struggles both towing up slight hills and stopping with the trailer in tow. I have towed it clear across the country from coast to coast (during military moves) so I've logged enough miles to get a feel for real world towing behavior on the LR3.

    1. Anything faster that 55mph on the road while towing begins to gobble up gas as the engine has to work so much harder to fight against the wind slowing the trailer.

    2. Going up an average hill causes the tranny to downshift to 4th, some steeper hills even require 3rd gear to tow the trailer up, ouch!

    3. In order to give LR3 owners the chance to fit 18" wheels and thus more rubber at the sidewall, LR designed the LR3 with smaller front rotors which were under rated for the weight of the vehicle, which is why LR3s eat front brake pads for breakfast. Add a 3500 LBS trailer, people and camping gear and the rig noticeably strains to bring all that weight to a stop.

    4. More Horse power and torque for towing, bigger brakes for stopping, same gas mileage, and updated "everything else" while we're at it kind of sums up the reasons.

    Back to tires, been looking at 19" and 20" tires for the LR4 and the selection for 19" tires is still almost nonexistent. I hate even considering getting one with 20" tires as I WILL off road mine occasionally, but as it looks right now, the 1/2" difference on the sidewall is more than offset by the wide selection of off road thread patterns available in the 20" size.
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