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Thread: Anyone running the Terrafirma 3" setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mg-rover1 View Post
    Disco looks great...I have the same TF 3"kit. I'm happy with it...Only thing though mine seems lower on the front and I don't even have a winch yet and my bumper is not that heavy. lol
    Mine sits just slightly lower in front, which is what I like. I have added a bumper from HLC fab, which is one of the heaviest bumpers I have ever seen at 150lbs and it hasn't lowered the front yet. I love the look of your disco.

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    MG Rover1 and Darthbeaver, nice trucks. Thanks for the pictures.

    Darthbeaver, great before and after shots. What a difference.

    I ended up getting a fairly good deal on a set of Terrafirma HD springs. Not sure how they will compare to the 3" kit. Actually, I'm not sure if they will ever get to me. They sent the wrong ones and now the HD rears are back ordered. Next time I will definitely order from Lucky8. I have heard nothing but positive comments about his customer service.

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    Abit off topic but does anyone know what tf springs are used to give the 3inch lift. In U.K. The biggest tf spring for d2 is 2 inch. Wondering if there d1 rear springs and spacers in the front using d2 springs.

    Cheers guys.

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