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Thread: Transmission stuck.

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    Transmission stuck.

    Hi there,
    Changed the ATF in the autobox of my RR classic with a 200tdi and now the transmission wont shift at all. Drove 32km home in first gear at 25kph and 2000rpm. Anyone with any ideas on what might have gone wrong?

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    New guy [to Land Rover] thoughts?
    1 Low Fluid Level!
    2 Wrong ATF? [I'd think even the wrong stuff wouldn't effect shifting.]
    3 Shifter in 1st gear. [I know, but I had to say it.]
    4 Pick up tube fell out of place when the pan was lowered! [This is where I'm putting my bet.]
    5 Fluid level too high?

    How's that for shotgun diagnostics! It will be interesting to see what the seasoned LR transmission guys think/say.

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    What is the mileage on the tranny?

    Depending on the mileage and how often the transmission has been serviced, sometimes when the transmission fluid is changed and the friction material in the tranny is in poor condition the new fluid washes out the friction material that is suspended in the old fluid and causes the unit to not operate properly.

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    This isn't meant to sound mean or condescending but are you 100% certain you filled the transmission? I know it sounds bad but it's happened.
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    To answer,
    Checked the fluid level again with the engine cold and its at the correct level. Colour of fluid is still cherry red, no sign of suspended sediments and no burnt smell. Transmission hasn't reached 100k mark yet and between me and my 60 yr old dad, hasn't been abused. Could it be the grade of ATF? Any more thoughts, cos I'm really in a jam here.

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    Did you ever figure anything out with your transmission? I had a similar problem in the past and it ended up being the throttle linkage cable. It was sticking in first and would kick like hell when it shifted. After the cable was replaced it shifted better than ever.
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