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Thread: PMs disappearing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrinK View Post

    Something similar just happened to me. I received an alert to my e-mail address that I had received a PM, I was able to read it at my e-mail address, but when I went to the LRR Forum, there was no PM waiting for me in my inbox.? Coincidentally, it was the PM you sent me! :thinking:

    Yep, that was one of them, your PM from friday showed up as new again, along with a couple others. Then all my replies disappeared.

    I'll resend the info in a little bit, actually have new info as far as time-frame to add anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony DII View Post
    They are saying that we should not have lost any data but I think
    we may have lost some posts and messages between the time
    we moved to new server.
    "Should not have" and "did not" are two very different things...
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