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    Okay, I have a question. I've been searching too, btw. I know the '03-'05 RR's had some issues, but I *thought* these were the one's to own.... I just got off the phone with a service manager at a Dealership who advised me to stay away from those models. He told me they were job security for the dealerships and I should look at anything from '06 on. Thoughts? Did I just inhale too many weld fumes at some point? Thanks for any help.

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    He's wrong on the 04-05 they have the best engine as it is made by BMW and I would stay away from the 06-07's even though they have 20 more HP (big deal) they have issues like the electric handbrake failing the GPS/head unit failing and if you are lucky the computer might tell you the car has been in an accident while you are driving and go into limp home mode!

    the 03's had Radiator issues and steering column problems but they sussed most of that out by 04 not to say they are all good but there are 2 04's in my family and they have been good.. make sure the front diff issue was addressed/ re-called and you should be good to go the rest is common sense when buying one.
    Just my 2 cents

    Good luck.
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