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Thread: LR3 Brakes

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    Just follow this, and ignore the actual brake line replacement... there is a section in the middle about flushing the fluid.

    If you are just doing the flush/bleed, start on the wheel furthest from the brake cylinder, so the rear right.
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    First, some sort of a hand pump, like a turkey baster sold at most part stores, suck all the old fluid out of the reservor, refill with new fluid. Then when ready, have someone pump the brake pedal and then hold it down, then you open the bleed screw on the r/r caliper first. Then repeat the process until you start getting clear fluid coming out. Then, recheck your fluid level and do the l/r then the r/f and l/f.
    Make sure to keep checking your fluid level so you don't run out and have to start all over.
    Also buy about 18"s of cheap hose, that is just large enough to fit on the bleed screw, that way as you bleed the brakes, you can catch all the old fluid in a 2 liter coke bottle so it doesn't get all over the ground.

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