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Thread: OBD II tool questions

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    OBD II tool questions

    Hi All,

    I have a 98 Disco I and a 99 Disco II. I will probably have other LR products at some point. I have a strong preference for OBD scanners that come with open-source software, because I can modify the software to my liking easily. A couple of questions:

    1. Most manufacturers implement extensions to OBD II protocol and codes, I am sure that Land Rover is no exceptions. Does anybody know what these extensions control?

    2. What are the currently available LR-specific test tools, what functionality they offer over a 'vanilla' OBD II scanner and how much are they?

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    There are a few systems out there that offer more to a Land Rover than generic code readers. Black Box, Hawkeye, and Tek Pro are some of them. They are a little pricey up front. They start at around $600 and go up to around $2000 for the equipment and 1 vehicle license. I think that on the "Hawkeye" system once you unlock a Rover model you can scan any other rovers of the same model. You can purchase additional vehicle "licenses" for extra Rovers or spend allot more up front to be able to read/control any Land Rover.

    A generic code reader can read/clear the basic codes. This is actually something you can do for free at your local auto parts store. The higher end tools described above will read the same codes as well as the ABS codes (3 amigos). No more guessing if it's the modulator or sensor or brake dust. You can also get into the various Land Rover systems like a dealer can and change the vehicle setting to your liking. For example you can enable/disable speed locking, fog light function, various warnings and so on. You can get access to real time data when you are fixing a problem and basically see what the vehicle is thinking. On a DII and some other Rover models you have access to the "power bleed" function when doing a brake job. You can test circuits and switches.....and so on. A generic code reader can't do any of this. If something happens out on a trail it's an invaluable tool to have. Or if you are ever in Wyoming it's a necessity as there are no dealerships around....that's why I have mine.
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