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Thread: How many mile does your disco have?

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    Jan 2007
    Danville, ca.
    103K miles. Runs better than ever. Work done? Yes.

    HGs 2x, second time was along with a complete engine reseal. Both times under an extended warranty. That company no longer covers Rovers, oops. They were pretty good though. Nice to have and engine with zero leaks. Same cannot be said for the TC though.

    2 Transmissions; first was from the DS snapping, second one just started slipping from being abused (driving it hard up to Slick Rock with a heavy payload ~1500lbs.)

    2 Set of Cats, idle pulley and belt, motor mounts, and a few other things I cant think of. In total, $17K+ worth of work that was covered by the extended warranty company. Not everything mentioned above was paid out by that Co.

    There has also been $14k worth of body work done to the truck. But that another story.
    Kimo, Kathryn, Kaylyn, Kaleb and usually 1 or 2 other victims.

    2001 Disco 2 SE7
    D1 CDL Linkage
    OME 766/763 lift 2" spacer and a D1 rear perch, EE Retained.
    10" Schroeder Valve 7100s in the front...12" SB 7100s 400/100 in the rear
    33 12.50 15 BFG KM2s
    EBC Rotors and Pads
    Bottorf lil' Guy Winch bumper with $3 High lift mounts.
    Bottorf Rear Bumper w/ swing away
    Roverland Sliders
    Tom Woods Front shaft (goes nice with the fresh cats and new tranny... ugh... Trans #3 now)

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    Oct 2009
    1999 DII @ 102,000 miles - original owner since 20000.

    Standard maintenance:
    Head gaskets and all top end gaskets and shaved heads @ 98,000
    Two PSA pumps
    Lots of brake pads and rotors
    Throttle body heater gasket
    Plugs and 8mm wires
    Oil pump / cover
    Several fluid flushes and filters. NO K+A after MAFS failure.
    Leaky sunroof seal
    Two serp belts
    Idler pulley
    Bad sunroof motor
    Alignment each spring
    D1 wiper arms, CDL shifter and boot.

    Upgrades - keep an eye out! This DII went from mild to wild, lift, headlight conversion, big tires, stereo upgrade and MORE!

    Interior is in great shape, only one wrinkle and no tears or wear, even on the steering wheel. Fully loaded except for LE7 options. Paint is nice and shiny still. Engine rebuild coming this winter, bottom to top redo. I will own this DII forever, even if a new daily driver comes along like a Range Rover! I need better, but not great gas mileage.
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    DII - Armor front and sides. Lot's of gadgets and leaks.

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    Aug 2007
    The Urban Cresent
    2002 Disco II SE 79474 miles, runs great. Bought it with 42k on it in may 0f 06. It is my only vehicle.

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    Nov 2007
    Woodfords, California
    D1 @ 88k - 1996
    D2 @ 82k - 2004
    97 Discovery 5spd (The Commuter)
    00 Discovery (The Grocery Getter)

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    Apr 2010
    Saint Cloud, Florida
    2001 Disco2 91,000 miles.

    Replaced MAF 4 times(Water), Idler Pulley, Brake pads. Needs PS pump, Electric fan and small idler pulley, I also think the front diff's days are numbered.

    Runs like a top though, always has fresh gas in it!
    2001 D2, 2" RTE lift w/OME nitrochargers, Mantec Snorkel w/leaky airbox, Bottorf Winch Bumper w/XRT10 winch, 4 Hella 500's on a Home Depot light bar, 285/75/16 Treadwright Backbones (Toyo M/T Casing), lots of scratches and leaks.

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    Feb 2006
    Fortymile Desert, Nevada
    2004 D2 = 99,000 miles.
    Ron/Rocky - '04 Discovery S
    Usually found somewhere in Lyon, Pershing, Churchill, Lander, Humboldt Counties..

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    Oct 2010
    02 disco 2, 83k miles. bought it with 9k reconditioned from the dealer. it's been great other than misc. electrical issues since about 20k miles. i have been much happier with it since i found some useful forums and british atlantic (parts). taking it to the dealer for repairs is always an expensive nightmare.

    edit: and new crankshaft sensor at about 78k miles.
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    Jun 2010
    Laramie, WY
    I've got 114,000 on my 99 DII. I've had to do regular maintenance...spark plugs/wires, filters, fluids, rotoflex, front prop shaft, brakes/tires and some body/axle work.

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    Sep 2009
    I have 49k on my 04. The engine is in pieces, and the rear diff needs replacing too

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    Nov 2009
    SF Bay Area
    i got just a little over 16,000 miles on my 03. just threw a 2" lift, 04 transfer case w/cdl. this sat in the mccomb jaguar landrover dealership since new and the dealers wife drove it once in a while. i bought with 8k miles.

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