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Thread: tc. abs, down hill error lights

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    tc. abs, down hill error lights

    error lights abs,tc, down hill what is the fix

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    You need to do a search on this or any other Rover forum for the "3 Amigos"
    Are your warning lights on all the time, or come and go?
    There is not one sure fix for this, they can be caused for many reasons, the 2 most common issues are squeaking brakes and a failing ABS module.

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    There's a monitor for squeaking brakes?! Man, they think of everything. I've always relied on people walking down the road plugging their ears or giving me stupid looks, but now I can ignore all that (and the noise too) and let my instrument panel tell me!


    I just looked this up and found out my D1 still requires me to listen for squealing brakes - and there's no after market detector of such noise. Go figure. My loss!
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