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Thread: Land Rover On-Board Tool Box

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    Land Rover On-Board Tool Box

    What are the tools you just wouldn't leave the road without? I'm going to build a tool bag. What am I missing?

    • Screw driver & Phillips
    • Crescent Wrench
    • Wire cutters
    • Pliers
    • Open-end Wrenches (Metric of Standard?)
    • Rope
    • Chain
    • Come-along
    • Knife
    • Extra Brake Light Bulbs (so I can take it out of Park)

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    Spare parts. For a DI I recommend a fuel pump and a pulley tensioner for starters. Buy them used or replace your current ones with new ones and use your old ones as spares.

    Maybe a rototampon in the event you are far from home. I highly recommend an OEM one, not a generic replacement.

    Add a breaker bar to your tool list. You will need to slide the breaker bar over the ratchet for torque when changing your pulley tensioner.

    That is all I have, based upon my experiences with my old DI, I'm sure others will chime in.
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    Whenever you use a tool in the course of normal repairs, duplicate it in your trail toolbox.

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    I carry this from costco for $75ish for my day to day in my Jag and RRC. When I'm heading to the trail in the RRC I toss in a few other odds and ends but that covers all the basic bases. When closed the case is about 18 wide by 24 tall by 3-4 inches thick. Easy to store out of the way and fits the tools tight so no extra rattles.
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    I may be a bit too careful here, but as well as the basic tools, an OBDII code reader, spare generic relays, fuses, and a couple of "quick-crimp" wire splice nuts (the funny looking blue ones you place over the wire you want to splice into and crimp with pliers)work well to repair a broken wire to at least get you to the hiway or home for a proper repair (like the lights in your rear bumper that get destroyed when the bumper lands on a rock, etc.) Also a good torch, or flashlight with long lasting batteries, latex gloves, hand cleaner, bag o rags for clean up "after surgery", and a tyvek paper jumpsuit( there if you are dressed up "nice", like on your way to a wedding and things go bad), or have to lay in the mud for a repair. You may get wet, but at least your clean!
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    i also carry tools and and flares just in case.

    first aid kit with a flashlight and can goods hey you never what might happen
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    27 mm 6 point socket for lug nuts

    hub nut socket (can't remember size)

    zip ties and electrical tape


    strong ratchet strap

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    4X8 tarp to lay on. Vise-grips. Duct tape.

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    Zip ties
    Silicone tape for busted hoses
    duct tape

    The list goes on, but the best thing you can do is keep up on repairs and preventative maintenance before hitting the trail.
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    I carry a 12V air pump (the beefy one from pep boys). It doesn't save me that often, mainly other people who have flat/low tires that I see. It also helped me plug a tire after running over a nail. And on that note, I do always carry a tire plug kit with me which I have used on many occasions. Another thing I would add would be a dead blow hammer. A friend of mine turned me onto that tool. It really is useful, better than a normal hammer when you need to bang on something to get it loose where a normal hammer would damage it or where you need more force behind the blows. It also doesn't recoil like a normal hammer.

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