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Thread: Water Filtration

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    Water Filtration

    Has anyone every used this?

    I do have one of these.

    Works great but it does seem like black majik to wave a light in a bottle of water from a know contaminated water source. And, to have the locals look at you like you are a retarded honkey tourist.

    Just curious.
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    Put some water in a clear bottle and leave it outside during intense sunlight for a few hours. The UV will kill all microorganisms. Filter the water before you put it in and you are good to go.


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    The "survial" guides usually say leave it in direct sun for a day, sometimes more. How long also depends what time of year at what lattitude, the type of plastic bottle you have and how cloudy the water is.
    I'd have a water filter that removes small organisims and if in an area were a virus might be a concern, have chemical treatement if I can't boil it.
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    Never heard or seen of that HTI stuff.
    The steri-pens have been around for a while. We use UV in our water treatment plant. It works well in low turbidity. So filter your water through a bandana first to remove particulate. You don't want any nasties hiding behind a piece of dirt.

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