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Thread: yet another new member... :)

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    yet another new member... :)

    Well, thanks to a nudge from Steve, Ive joined this forum now too. I run a small preservation company out of Utah, we hit mines and ghost towns all over the state. Anyway, we use Rovers exclusively, we have 2 96 D1s and an 04 Freelander for the wife. Im extremely happy with all of them. Quirky? Yes. But never left me stranded and Ive never been left thinking.. "Gee, I wish I could follow that trail."
    So with out much more ado I will slide in and take a look around.
    Corey T. Shuman

    gold rush expeditions inc.

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    Very Cool,

    Welcome Corey, hope you enjoy the site. Please drop your location on the googlemap.
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    Hey Corey! Glad to see you here! I am going to try to make it out to Spring Safari II if gas $$ allows me to...have a whole list of mods I need to do too... but I have to make time to play too!!
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