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Thread: Baja/Mexico gurus?

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    Baja/Mexico gurus?

    Lisa and I will be taking a week long vacation to Cabo in August. While there, we will be renting a heap for the week. I recently read that "Mexican Federal Law prohibits driving on any beach in Mexico".

    When I did the trip in 2008 where I drove down and back with a group of trucks, we drove on many beaches and camped on them as well. And its not like we were the only ones. We saw others in some places as well.

    Does anyone know the take on this? What I mean is, is it actually illegal? Is it Legal?

    Is it a matter of certain places or populated areas its illegal and in remote areas its OK? or is it more because in remote areas no one ever gets caught.

    thanks for the help.
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    I would ask this question over on You will probably get very up-to-date quick answers over there.
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