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Thread: remap for my D3

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    remap for my D3

    Got my new map from BBS this morning, very fast service seeing as I only ordered it on Sunday.

    Was it difficult to load?? No, it was dead easy, I just followed the procedure through the Flash File Loader and Vehicle Explorer during my lunch break, (couldn't wait!) took about 5 minutes and was finished. I hadn't looked at the procedure prior to this so it was so easy. After the mandatory 2 operations of the ignition key I had grandpa nap for 30 minutes and started it up, no problems, goes like a rocket now!

    Acceleration is close to instantaneous, the torque has improved markedly which makes the D3 very fast off the mark, (I use the torque not the accelerator pedal), turbo lag is there but very little compared to before and my economy has bettered by around 3.5 MPG although it is early days yet.

    All in all a I am very happy with the result

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    Thanks... You're just slapping us Americans in the face. That's just mean, you know we don't get to enjoy a the fantasticness that is TDI.

    Hahaha.... That's cool you get to have fun with your efficent powerplant. We just get to spend more on gas because we can (have to).
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    Tom Woods Front shaft (goes nice with the fresh cats and new tranny... ugh... Trans #3 now)

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