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Thread: Seattle to Arizona-we bought a house!

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    Seattle to Arizona-we bought a house!

    We're finally 100% on where to move to; we looked at cali, and both loved it but work and such has placed us in a little different off roading mecca; we're now relocating to Sedona AZ. Yes you will all have to come visit and ride some trails with me!

    Mi casa su casa or in this case, my garage and air tools are yours too! we bought a house, and one of my specs was a detached garage=can work till all hours of nite!

    I'll be driving thru cali at the end of the month, been hanging around the Santa Barbara area since I have family there..

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    Congrats! Truly gorgeous area with limitless vistas.

    Depending on your "outlook" a few odd characters (well, OK, by proportion, a few normal and the rest are? )

    You are going to love having blue skys for the majority of the year!
    All sold a while ago

    1995 RRC LWB - LT230, $G Front Bumper

    1960 109" 5 Door Station Wagon w/Deluxe Rolled Bonnet with Spare Recess. Frame off restoration. PO setup 289 Mustang with D60 rear end with chromolly inners. Recently moved to Sacramento awaiting a place to finish the restoration.

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    Somebody told you that Arizona is the midwest?
    Ron/Rocky - '04 Discovery S
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