Tuesday (3-9-2010)My friend and I decided to go for a nice little ride. Nothing big maybe 15 miles or so.. HA!! We started at my friends house and went to Invesco Field, which on the way took us by that creepy building long I-25! From there we went to the downtown REI to meet up with the Cherry Creek Trail. Headed down that trail awhile through downtown Denver until my friend had a flat. Luckily we were able to track back to REI get a tube and fix it! Back on the trail we go. From there we took Cherry Creek to roughly the DTC area. Connected to High Line Canal trail which we found out is under construction till April 1. .So add a few detours here and there. The initial planned ride route changed due to time and we ended up taking Colorado to Evans (at night.. fun fun) back to Bear Creek Trail then back to my friends place. All in all the trip totaled 54.68 miles, all pavement/blacktop and so I dubbed it the Tour De Denver.

Had a great time!