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Thread: My next trip

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    My next trip

    Getting ready for my next trip ... to the High Country in Victoria, leave Perth on 27th Feb, meet a mate at Bruthen in Victoria on the 4th day and enter the High Country through the Haunted Stream track, will travel from there through to Waterford (The caravan Park), do the Bassalt Knob track, to Zeka Spur track into Wonnangatta for a couple od days, out through Rileys track into Abbeyard, Speculation, Pineapple flat, Craigs Hut area through Bindarrie to Sheepyard flat and then to Bendigo to see SWMBO son, to SA to see SIL and home.

    All in will be around 18 days, 9 days in the HC 3000Kms to the start of the high country section, about 500Kms of absolute 4 wheel driving through the alpine wilderness and then 3000 Kms return..................couldn't think of a better way to spend 3 weeks

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    Sounds like an amazing trip Richard! The names alone of the destinations are cool!! Keep us in the loop on the trip progress. A full trip report with pictures would be very appreciated once you're home, safe and sound! Enjoy the trail

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    Hi richardk,Really amazing trip...Keep a way to a trip and plan properly...Please send the full report of your trip and collections of trip in a picture..Enjoy well..I am waiting for your hopefull reply..Keep in touch with us..Thanks in Advance

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    This post was 5 years ago! I am sure he has done many more since then
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