I hinted at a possible group buy on the Faultmate FCR. Here's the specs -


It's a nice little item for reading and clearing fault codes for the LR3/LR4/RRS. I believe many user abilities for the Nav system and Entertainment packages. Please contact Colin directly for additional information.
Offer was for a group buy of 20 units with 1 ship-to address. Cost was to be $250USD ea. 5k investment for the group. This is where things get iffy. Black Box Solutions is in Cyprus. Potential value added tax (VAT) of 15% plus any additional Duties imposed by US Customs. I spoke to Customs and was informed that I must fill out multiple forms (7501, 3461, 5106) and declarations as well as provide Federal Tax ID # or Social. I would also need to contact the Commodities Specialist and apply for a Classification # due to the fact that it an electronic device. All this seems a bit much for one guy to organize a group buy. Clearly, there is concern that 20 units for one buyer equals a possible re-sale scheme.
The way I see it, a group buy would have to go through a business for an item like this. Direct purchases through BBS would have to be a lot easier than this. Sorry Boys and Girls. I tried. Neat item.