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Thread: Anyone running Engel 14 Quart Fridge/Freeze?

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    Anyone running Engel 14 Quart Fridge/Freeze?

    Anyone running Engel 14 Quart Fridge/Freeze?

    I have an opp to buy one for $200.

    New cost $400:

    For $400+, I'd rather save a more money and get Engel 45 for $700 or less (used)

    For $200, nice to keep milk cold for the kids, creamer for coffee, and steaks to fry later over wknd camping trip.

    Or keep almost a full case of my favorite adult brew "ice cold" to share on long road trips after getting settled @ camp!

    Also where space is tight like in my Prius - this unit come in handy.

    Here are the specs:

    Engel Compact 12-Volt Refrigerator/Freezer Model MRFD-015:
    Capacity. Holds 21 - 12 oz cans (Almost a Full Case, 14 Qts/13.2 L)
    Power Consumption: 0.9 - 3.9 Amps (10A thermal fuse)
    Size: 17.5"x11.25"x14.5" (Inside 13.75" x 7.5" x 7.5")
    27 lbs Freezing Ability: From 40°F to 0°F
    Temp. Control: Variable
    Refrigerant Gas: CFC free - 134A


    1) I have the Optima Blue on my DII. Has anyone plug this in the cig ligther (back of my DII) over night, keep the unit cold and its content; were you able to start their truck next morning? Trying not to go the dual battery route on the DII if I don't have to.

    2) Anyone run solar panel and standalone battery to power their fridge especially this small unit?

    3) How do you like this unit over all? Keeping drinks cold? Keeping food frozen? Any complains about it?

    Appreciate the feedback; thanks!

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    I ran an Engel 45 for days of dual Yellow Tops with no issues.
    Remember to buy the insulation pack to help cut your power requirements, it really makes a difference in how well it stays cold.

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    We run an Engel 45 as well. On one battery, but I am going to wire up a dual setup for those, other possible electrical issues that might occur after a trail run and drain the battery at night. Keeps it really nice and cold. The 45 is HUGE inside, but doesn't look big at all sitting in the rig and doesn't take up as much space as you would think. Standing there in the store I was scratching my head, hmmm It really looks huge in person outside of the truck. But its close to the size of a carry on suitcase.

    The thing I like about the 45 is the capability to add the twozone on top. So for week long expeditions/camping trips, you're not making runs down the mountain to go to the grocery store.

    I don't have the insulation, but that is my next purchase. You almost really need it, especially in a hot climate.

    For solar, we were looking at this unit.

    Small, cheap, comes ready to go. Probably get it cheaper without the mount deal. The only problem with solar is the offroading part. Hitting it on trees and whatever else. (I don't like leaving high dollar items sitting at the campsite, a nice looking freezer with a solar panel sitting on the picnic table just screams, come steal me!) The only real time you need it is at night to keep the battery charged. So a dual battery was really the only way I could think of to run the freezer on a different system apart from the main battery. Solar you'd still need a seperate battery to charge. Now, if you planned on sitting in a camp spot for a week, and not driving the truck, then sure, solar would be great. Build a little mount to set that thing on and have power forever. Until we blacken the sun out with our over-usage of technology. lol.
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    At that price, it's a no brainer. If I'm staying at a camp site for more than one night, I pull my ARB Freezer/Fridge out of the Rover and connect my portable battery jumper to it.
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    We've been running the ARB 45 for two years now and love it. It's probably paid for itself in ice over that time. Depending on what you are expecting from the Engel-14 you might be disappointed. When we leave on a trip our 45 is full to the brim, even for 3 days at Hollister. Beer on the bottom, food in the middle and snacks on top.

    I've run the ARB in fairly cool climate (Alaska summer) for four days off battery alone and the Optima Yellow Top didn't drop below 12 volts. The voltage typically drops about 0.2 volts over night even if it's fairly warm.

    The 110v AC capability of the more expensive fridges is great, too. We usually crank ours up on house power a couple days before departure to get it loaded and its contents cooled down. A fully loaded fridge doesn't cycle as much as a half empty one.

    X2 on the blanket. It will also protect the fridge from scratches.

    The Engel-14 seems small but you may be OK with it depending on your planned use. The heater model is interesting if going to a pot luck somewhere.

    The connection should be OK with a cigarette lighter socket. Check the fusing vs amperage draw. I think the 45 is about 2.5 amps and most lighter sockets are fused at 10 amps.
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