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Hey All,

Well, just got back this morning and what a week. Wow, glad I went. Headed down Monday and Tuesday, got into Leadville early Tuesday. Setup camp and got registered. We took the RRC and my 2 kids joined me. All in all, we had an awesome time and met some really great folks.

Day 1,
Chinaman Gulch.... Awesome trail. It was off and on rain which made it even more fun. Had a blast rolling around and the rig did really well. Made it past the last obstacle and somehow, my panhard bar got pinched and ended up snapping. Jumped into another truck "Rob" from AZ. Found a welder in town and had it ready to go that night. Kids weren't too thrilled, but what can you say.

Day 2,
Fixed rig and came off trail. Haha, not much of a day, rode with Jeff of JC's Rover. Great guy. Got to see the last of Carnage Canyon run by the suk (I think, Shawna and ?) and a really cool Series truck. Rockware and PPR were there as well with their buggies.

Day 3,
Rest day, went and did the self guided tour of the mines. Pretty cool. Kids enjoyed it. Vendor night was today. Both kids won some cool kid raffles, and I, won some awesome Roxstar sliders. My daughter won an ARB snatch block, she was like, "what is this thing." hehe.

Day 4,
McAllister Gulch/Ptarmingan Pass,
Again, awesome trail. Very scenic, but some great climbs and stream crossings. This day was perfect weather also, All week, it had rained and was cold, day 4 really turned into a gorgeous day. Views of Holy Cross peak, and the back side of Vail. Nice group and great leadership. Back down for the dinner and a couple more raffles.

Sunday, drive 15 hours home non-stop. I am still vibrating.

Sorry I missed you at the rally, enjoyed the photos

Chinaman Gulch was a fun trail, I managed to break a fitting on my fuel vapor seperator, i thought the hissing sound from the wheel well was a puncture which would have been easier to fix.