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Thread: 2002 Freelander sometimes won't start

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    2002 Freelander sometimes won't start

    I have a 2002 Freelander that is just out of warranty. The car sometimes won't start. When you turn the key, all of the lights go on but nothing happens at all to the enginge (no clicking, trying to turn over - nothing). If you keep trying it then eventually starts up with no problem.

    We took it to the dealer a little while ago and they thought is was the connection to the battery. They replaced that but it did not fix the problem. It is at the dealer right now but they can't seem to replicate the problem or find a problem. Any thoughts?

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    Intermittant problems are tough. Here's a few guesses...

    Battery? How old is it? Original? The OEM batteries have a history of being crappy. If it's the original in an '02 you might want to consider changing it anyway.

    Ignition switch? If position 3 sometimes isn't making contact that would do it.

    Immobilizer? Dont' know what all's involved. I know the engine won't start if a non-LR key is used. Could be the steering column is having trouble sensing the key or the key is going bad. Try another key? Seems like the dealer should be able to electronically diagnose the immobilizer system.

    Starter? Seems like you would still hear a clicking even if the starter is going bad.

    If when you switch to position 3 (i.e. try to start the engine) and it doesn't start, do the dash lights dim? If so that would indicate you have a bad connection in the high current lines or the battery is crapping out.

    Good luck & keep us posted.
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    Not sure if this reply is relevant anymore, but I've had mine not start several times when the automatic shifter was not fully in "PARK" It appears to be in park
    but it requires just an extra nudge sometimes then it will start right up. Sorry, I hope this isn't insulting to you intelligence, I'm really just trying to share my experience Sometimes it's the stupidest darn thing!

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    My 02 Freelander has a different starting problem, very intermittant. It will start and run fine, you get to the store of gas station and the damn thing won't restart. It will crank over just no fire. It seems to only happen when it's cold outside and never does it on the first start of the day. Any guesses on this one.

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