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Thread: A Day Out In Tasmania

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    Thumbs up A Day Out In Tasmania

    Hello My name is Tim and I live Down Under Down under Australia on a Small Island Called Tasmania.
    Yep we r also Land Rover Lovers way down here.

    Anywho I own a 1976 Model 2 door with the following.
    9,500 Lb winch, 3 Gps recievers, One for Altitude and Longtitude and Latitude Readings, One for Guidance and my New Garmin GPSMAP60 & Asus laptop for track Logging.
    Also carry full compliment of recovery gear.
    UHF radio in car as well as a couple of Hand held,s.
    Love my Rangie.
    I have picked up the nickname Gadgets as I also carry Digital video camera and DSLR, to compliment these I also run my Acer laptop with its, huge 17 inch screen to play picture slideshows on and burn cd,s for other members I Wheel with.

    On the weekend just gone I had the pleasure of a 4x4 run on Sunday with another mate of mine Carlos in his Disco with his young Son Alesandro and myself in my 76 Range Rover.

    We explored and area called Snug Tears above the small Country Town of Margate.

    This Town is located 30 minutes from the Capitol of Tasmania Hobart.

    We had a great day and located so many more tracks than we expected too.
    Both of us are looking forward to returning there soon.
    It was a great time to put my new Garmin GPSMAP60 and ASUS laptop to use Tracking our progress.
    The area is covered in lovely Furns and a light fog, we also found the track to be challenging and rutted in places as well as some water to cross.

    Hope u Like the pics.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Fog2.jpg   Hill1.jpg   MatesDisco.JPG   Me.JPG   Me&MyMatesSonAlesandro.jpg  

    MyRig.JPG   MyRover.jpg   Two.JPG  
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    Great pics and writeup, thanks

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    Welcome Tim, or should I call you Gadgets!

    Good to hear from you again here; Nice write-up and pics!

    Hope to see more photos and trip details Tasmania in the future from you!

    Speaking of Gadgets, I am looking for a new GPS for mapping and trail use. I posted this here:

    I am new to GPS use and shopping for a new GPS. Sounds like the Garmin GPSMap60 is working out for you:

    Do you have it as a stand-alone use or is it hooked up to your laptop?

    Want the GPS (besides being able to get a quick SAT fix) to be able to upload tracks e.g. from trail leader, be able to follow (routing), and back up routing (in case, road is closed or trees (not just one which a chainsaw can handle but I am talking trees) blocking the way).

    Chat to you more about this later; in the meantime, welcome and thanks for sharing the photos/trip details.

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    Welcome. There are not a lot of 2 door Rangies in the States, so it fun to see them in action.

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    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a fun trip. Looks like your little one had a great time as well.

    I really like the pic of with the lights on in the fog.

    All it needs is just a little luvin'

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    Welcome, Tim and thanks for the pictures. Looks like a nicely built up Rangie you have there. Neat trails too. I particularly like the photo of the pint size Rover enthusiast. :-)

    We visited your lovely little island about 12 years ago. Very nice; we enjoyed the wild animal park and a very small but excellent winery out in the country somewhere. I'd like to get back to your part of the world in the next couple years but it's a long bloody flight from here.

    You mentioned UHF radio and I was wondering if you are a ham and on HF as well.
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    welcome, tim! great to have you here with us. i can't speak for everyone, but i would love to see and hear all you have to show/say about your island country. you folks got any good beer down there?

    look forward to more from you.
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    Welcome, Tim! Great to have members (especially RRC owners) from places such as Tasmania (formerly Van Dieman's Land--home of the "Potato Factory"). Also always great to see good pics of another of the rare 2-door RRs. I like the color. Is it original? It's the first time I think I've seen that particular green on a Range Rover. It looks a bit like the old pastel green used on the Series Land-Rovers.

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    nice pics. thanks for sharing. be sure to show us some more pics of your countryside.
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    LOVE that look of adventure on your son's face. "Oh Look! A stick!"
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