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Thread: Question for you mountain bikers out there

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    My brother had the lowers on a Totem. The powdercoater can prep the frame the more you the more you can do to prep the less $$. I am with you Funrover about painting your own it is is kind of fun. I did the paint on my '92 carbon Cadex when I converted it to SS. The rims were the finishing touch. I just had a local autobody shop clearcoat it.
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    Refurnishing my old bike with spray paint

    Last year I decided to give my old cyclo cross bike an overhauling. I wasn't willing to spend too much on refurnishing my old ride, so I decided to go to the local paint shop and buy some spray cans (bone white).

    I disassembled my ride and cleaned it thoroughly first with sandpaper and after that with soap. After it had dried in the sun, I suspended the frames with two wires in my garage and started spraying. One coating wasn't enough, so I gave it two extra coatings with 3 days between each, so that it could dry properly.

    I was actually quite pleased with the result, even though the paint had run some places, leaving small solidified drops of paint, which I carefully sanded away followed by a little spaying. Of course the result wasn't as good as if I had taken it to a professional powder coater, but it was fun and extremely inexpensive.

    After about 5 months I was quite disappointed because the paint that I had used wasn't resistant enough to the harsh weather conditions in Denmark, so now it doesn't look so fine any longer :-( ... Well I'll probably give it another try next summer, but next time, I'm going to make sure that I get the right paint.

    In the meantime, I've purchased a new city/trekking bike from the largest bicycle store in Denmark: Coop Nettorvet - Category: Cykler (which means bicycles in Danish). The bike was priced at 300 $ (US), which is about the same amount that I would have spent on a powder coating on my old bike, but it's still a brand new bike.

    In spite of the low price, the bicycle is certified by European standards for quality and safety. It's got everything that's necessary for a practical bike, so it suits my needs perfectly. The only thing is, the frame has a horrible color: brown, so now I have two bikes I need to coat next summer :-)

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    Have the frame stripped, then just clear coat it. Looks great!

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